Winter Wardrobe Rehab Part 1- the detox

July 29, 2014

This post is slightly later than planned but it took the cold change to motivate me to sort out my wardrobe.  My current mismatched,  chaotic wardrobe is the result of a pattern of buying things mindlessly for a quick boost or because I see a unique piece that I just have to have.  This year I want to take a more minimalist approach to shopping and adopt the approach of building on what I already have in my wardrobe.  I don’t want to end up with more pieces that I never wear which just clutter up my bedroom and make getting dressed a difficult prospect.

Taking tips from  “A Pair and A Spare” – thanks, Geneva Vanderzeil – I embarked on part one of the wardrobe rehab project, the cull which I like to call The Detox.

Are you interested in sorting out your wardrobe for winter?  Read on.

I took a good look at my current wardrobe and culled anything that no longer worked for me.  I decided to take a seasonal approach as it seemed helpful to break it down this way and not quite such an overwhelming task.  I bravely tried everything on and adopted a ruthless approach based on the following criteria:-

1.   Do I feel good in it?

2.   Does it fit well and if not is it worth the time and cost to alter it?

3.   Is it past its use by date?

4.   Does it work with my lifestyle?

From this I arranged everything into several categories:-

– To keep in current wardrobe

– For storage – including summer items which can be tricky to decide with the whole layering concept; sentimental items; items that I couldn’t yet part with that I will review again next season.

– To sell

– To give to charity

– For cleaning / repair / alteration

for charity

The wardrobe detox can be an overwhelming task and I found “Super Kawaii Mama’s” tips incredibly helpful.  She suggests having garment rails, storage containers, bags for charity and garment bags, to keep things organised during the culling process.  This really assisted me in keeping everything organised.

for sale





The sale rack – all of these pieces will be for sale soon


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