Winter Wardrobe Rehab Part 2 – get organised

July 30, 2014

Once you’ve worked out what’s going and what’s staying, you have the fun task of organising and presenting your wardrobe so that it’s easy to navigate and you can clearly see what you have.

There are a lot of different ideas to organise your wardrobe but because I do have quite an eclectic wardrobe, with an array of colours and prints, I decided to go with arranging according to colour.  Shoes are stored in boxes and the shoes I wear often are clearly visible.  I also decided to keep a separate section in my wardrobe for work clothing as I have items that I only wear for work.  There are some really great ideas on Pinterest – just search ‘wardrobe ideas’.

But why keep everything hidden in your wardrobe?  I really like the idea of artfully arranging and displaying special pieces such as jewellery or statement jackets.  I’m on the hunt for a vintage mannequin at present.  Unused fireplaces make a great place to hang special pieces.  Draping pieces of jewellery over pictures / paintings is a creative way to display these pieces.

displaying jackets

displaying necklaces



















I hope these ideas for organising your wardrobe have been helpful.  I look forward to sharing Part 3 of the Winter Wardrobe Rehab with you very soon.


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