The shopping ban

16 August, 2015

After a hiatus of sorts I am back in the blogosphere.  I’d love to say that I’ve been busy with other exciting projects but the reality is that over the past month or two I have been experiencing life in 50 shades of grey, and I’m not referring to a) the weather or b) the book.  I’m talking about Depression – otherwise referred to as “the black dog”.  You may have your own experiences with the black dog or have loved ones who suffer.  My black dog tends to sneak up on me and basically chips away at my self-confidence, saps my energy and motivation.  I can’t think clearly and basically I find myself spending hours dwelling on the injustices of life and my inadequacies.  In a word, it is exhausting and I find it very difficult to leave my doona.  I am learning to make peace with my black dog after years of having him around to varying degrees.  I can’t say that I like him, but he is a presence in my life and he is teaching me some valuable lessons about who I am and what is important to me.

The black dog  certainly put a downer on things in recent times and I couldn’t muster the energy or interest to tell you about the shopping ban.  Yes, I committed to a shopping ban with my friend in Brisbane, following a conversation about mindless buying and accumulating a lot of stuff that we just weren’t wearing.  It went something like this; a period of 3 months,  op shop-only buys allowed, not including vintage stores – believe me I argued the point.  Coming into month 3 of the shopping ban with one slip-up which I confessed to my friend immediately (I’ll show you later) feels like quite an achievement.  I have a trip to the op shops planned this weekend, so stay tuned.  I hope to post on this soon.


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