About The Style Tracker

I’m a wannabe fashion stylist who happens to have a career in Social Work.

An avid lover of fashion, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I was obsessed with all things style. No it was a slower evolution that really started in childhood, always seeking out something a little bit different that was always a little bit ahead of the time like the pink dress with the side cut outs. But seriously having worked in mostly government roles over the last 10 years lets just say I needed a creative outlet and well if I’m being honest a lot of retail therapy and well fashion was there ready and willing for me to fall into it’s arms, so to speak. And there’s been a lot of encouragement and compliments about my style along the way to keep me spurred on.

Well enough about me and onto the blog, which is why you’re here right.

I’m starting this style blog for the real modern woman who wants to get in touch with her inner style heroine.

Oh and here you won’t find lots of selfies of me, I’m camera shy. Enough said.

What you will find is my ideas and inspiration for stylish dressing for real life. You’ll see me fuse beautiful fashion from the past and present to make it wearable and gorgeous on different women. The blog is about encouraging you to be the best version of your unique self and to look fabulous no matter what life throws at you. It’s about working with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe, (trust me there will be some even though I hear you saying but I have nothing to wear), and building on them.

I want to share my ideas and inspiration with you, including my fashion illustrations, a skill I’ve been developing in the last 6 months. I want to make getting dressed an exciting and pleasurable experience, even on the days we feel uglified x 1000 and impart some tools for navigating the often daunting world of fashion.

I think we’ve all spent a lot of our lives as women wishing we looked different, were thinner, etc. I know I’ve spent excessive time worrying about my tall, larger frame. I’m not encouraging you to wear things that make you uncomfortable but I’m saying let’s embrace our bodies and our lives now as they are, not when we’re 10 kg lighter.

Oh and I have a thing for interior design so don’t be surprised if you find snippets of this subject on here, dressing your home is just like dressing yourself, well kind of similar.

Most of all I want this blog to be about having fun and adding some light and laughter to our lives.


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